When I'm getting dressed on a morning, or for a night out I have a kind of internal check list as I go... Got hair all pined up in the best curls of vintage roles? Check! Ruby red pout? Check! Rocking a gorgeous dress? Check! Ready to go? Well kinda... The first part that goes on, before the dress, the heels, even the lipstick for me is foundations! it's a word that goes over my head about 3 times before I finish planing my outfit, foundations, foundations, foundations!!!!

Girdles and waist cinchers were a staple in every ladies closet back in the day. At some point (looking at you 1960's) they became a kind of relic, something people looked at as kind of matronly even. These days they are finding their footing again! They've shed that old fashioned stigma and firmly embraced once again as retro lovely! You can see all different kinds represented in pin up photography, and not only that but they give us modern gals that vintage figure the clothes just cry out for!

For me if it's a full skirted look I pull on my waist cincher for a nipped in wast above the billowing crinoline (smaller for everyday, huge for evenings!) for a perfect hour glass shape, and for straight dresses I pull out my long girdle to get that neat sexy wiggle and super sleek curves.

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Our Boudoir section is filled with all the different styles of girdles and petticoats you could need to get the vintage silhouette you want!