Just this week we added a new doll shop section to the store! We'll be seeking out the dressiest dolls out there to add to the catalog. Lot's of details, lot's of dresses and lot's of fun!

For centuries dolls have played a big roll in fashion, from 18th century court dolls spreading high style across the world, to the Theatre de la Mode reviving couture after WWII and even good old Barbie, who's been a PVC fashion Icon for over half a century. They have been played with, collected and converted.

These days there even more beautiful fashion dolls in even more complex forms. We'll be seeking out some of the best, and adding them to the collection so we can all take home a stylish little bit of fashion history!


Barbie Collector has a long time standing putting out exquisitely detail dolls dripping in haute couture. A fashion dolls classic for old and new school tastes.

Pullip our newest additions from Japan are not only have a fun whimsical style, but again feature immaculate details and an amazing level of articulation that really bring  these miniature fashions to life!

Stop by our Doll Shop to meet the lovely "ladies" launching the new section, and I'm sure you'll fall as head over heels in love with them as we have here at Vivcore HQ!