Our newest collection is an old art that makes a great alternative to those regular pin up hair flowers every vintage girl loves so much!

The first kanzashi update in over 6 years went up in the shop today! I've been making tsumami kanzashi for around 9 years, and in the very beginning these flower kanzashi were actually the very first products and designs I ever sold back before Vivcore grew up to become what it is today.

For those new to the style tsumami kanzashi, or flower kanzashi are a traditional type of Japanese hair ornament dating back to the Edo period of Japan, and perhaps most commonly worn by Maiko (apprentice geisha) in Kyoto today. Each pin is primarily made up of tiny squares of find silk pinched and assembled with wires, delicate threads and traditional rice starch glue.

Ours are made in this traditional method and are a labor intensive way to make these hair flowers, but I've always felt the extra work was worth it and that tsumami kanzashi are some of the beautiful hair ornaments out there!


I hope a lot of you lovely folks can agree and find a place in your beauty routines to enjoy these hair ornaments as the cherry on top of your own vintage style!